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This easy to learn programming language will make it
possible for everyone to write software for their
mobile phone!
Why not create your own apps and sell them?

Requirements for development: Windows XP, Vista,
DirectX 8 (or above), 1024x768 or higher resolution recommended.

Minimum device requirements for running compiled programs:
Java (j2me) enabled, MIDP-2.0, CLDC-1.1

APX BAsic features include:

• Everything you need to create mobile apps (for java
   enabled devices)
• Write and test the program on your PC.
• Create stand-alone jad files.
• Compiles to superfast bytecode.
• No need to learn java or install java on your PC.
• Programs are compatible with most Java enabled devices.
• Over 200 Basic commands including graphics, sprites
   and sfx.
• Proximity Sensor Reading (if available).
• Includes image and map editors.

Full version is now FREE.


Tip: Start your programs with Pause 20
This will ensure the device is ready to go.

  Hello World:
  Drawing sprites:
  Skeleton Program:
  Speed tips:
  How to create the java executable file:
  Tools: How to use the image editor:

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Q: Do I have to pay royalities on anything I create?
A: No, any program you create with APX basic is yours 100%

Q: Can I create commerical software?
A: Yes.

Q: Starting the program on my phone, nothing appears?
A: We have recently discovered this problem on some devices. It is caused
by the program starting to execute before the device is ready. Adding
a pause
20 at the start of your program usually fixes this problem.

Q:Do I need Directx on my mobile?
A: No only on your PC for running the simulator to test your program.

Q: I have a XXX phone. Can this create software for it?
A: If your mobile is java enabled then probably but as there are so many java
    enabled devices it is impossible for us to test every one. Download this
    free test program and if it works then yes. TEST_PROGRAM

Q: Can I create 3d games?
A: APX Basic is 2d only.

Q: I have a nokia 5800 but my program fails to run when I
     use the tilt sensors.
A: Early versions of this phone require additional api installed to access these
    sensors from java:

Q: What is the recommended max JAR size?
A: This really depends on what device you're targeting. Can be as little as 125k
     or as much as 2mb. Remember when creating your app that your PC will have
     much more memory available than any mobile device!